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Premier Horse Transport of California

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Scheduled Trips/Get Quotes

If you are shipping anywhere between the following states: OR, ID, CA, AZ, NV, NM, TX, UT, WY, CO, OK, KS and you are flexible to ship on our scheduled trips bellow, your price will be for as low as $.44/Mile. Also for:

N. Cal to S.Cal or back: $289.00 or less.
CA to WA and in between or back $649 or less.
CA to TX and in between or back $749 or less.


Our Schedule:


- Trip 110905 begins on 11/24/09; ends on 11/30/09 (Full, check for cancelations)


- Trip 120901 begins on 12/05/09; ends on 12/12/09


- Trip 120905 begins on 12/24/09; ends on 12/30/09


Terms and Conditions

    • 18 days in advance to trips begin dates.  If under 18 days, please check with us for space availability. 
    • Flexible to ship and receive within the trip's date range
    • No cancelation
    • To have all Health, Cogging and all shipping requirements ready (You may qualify for a refund up to $35 per horse for the cost of Health and Cogging. Ask us how.).
    • Upon pick up, horse/s must be haltered and corralled.
    • Owner and/or agent must be at the pickup and drop off site.
    • Driver needs to be in and out within half an hour at each location. There will be additonal charge for any delay to our driver beyond the allowable time. 
    • Up to $3000 mortality coverage per horse at no extra cost (ask for more details) 
    • Multi-horse discount will apply.
    • By Northern and Southern California, we mean between  LA or Riverside or San Bernardino County and Sacramento or San Francisco area. Price does not include Toll Charges.  

You have a question or need a quote? Use the form bellow. Please make certain that you provide us with pick up and drop off cities, states and zip codes

How to Book

To make a reservation for your horse(s), simply use the Online Reservation tab.  Once we receive your reservation, we will contact you with a confirmation number and with additional instruction to confirm the space you are reserving.



Get A Quote

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